Choosing A Passion Over A Job

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I read an article by Your Coffee Break yesterday about the fact that more and more young women ('millenials') are leaving their jobs in order to pursue a career that they are truly passionate about and they are choosing passion over living paycheck to paycheck and staying in jobs that don't satisfy them.

Then on Twitter Your Coffee Break posted this Tweet:
I must say, I totally agree.

As a young woman who's extremely ambitious, I feel that way.  In the past I have been in jobs where I have felt dissatisfied and stifled.  I have met people who have become too complacent in their jobs, and these people stay in the same job for decades until they retire because they feel unable to switch and do what they are truly passionate about, plus they have responsibilities they have to pay for such as kids, bills, rent, car etc.

For myself, I know 100% that I never ever want to be in that situation.  I'm extremely conscientious, driven, determined and ambitious.  I want (and expect) so much out of a career and out of life.  I always feel as though I need to do more and be the best person I can be, so I could never rest on my laurels.  I'm not someone who's complacent.

I need a career (not a job) that allows me to pursue my passions, interests, goals and ambitions.  I want a career that allows for progression. I want a career that gives me access to opportunities, and I want a career that makes me happy.  Yes, I do want a career that pays very well (who doesn't?!) but I also need to be fulfilled: I need to be able to wake up in the morning and feel satisfied with my career.  I get very bored easily, so I need a career that keeps me working hard and engaged.  I don't ever want to wake up in the morning and feel miserable because I'm trapped in a job I hate.

People stay in jobs and don't pursue their true career ambitions because they feel as though it's safe and stable to stay in a job, as long it pays for the necessities.  I understand that but to be honest no job is guaranteed to be safe and sable.  Don't forget the recession!

I like certainty and stability, but even as someone who risk-averse, I think in some ways it's better to take risks in order to pursue the career you desire.

I think the societal expectation to work in any available job until you retire is slowly dying out.  There is no such thing as a job for life anymore and new industries and career opportunities are being created all the time.  People are realising you can pursue your passions and carve out a successful career from those passions, and that's a fantastic thing!

So I choose pursuing a career that fulfils my passions over a job any time!


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