My Top 3 High Street Fashion Retailers

I don't go clothes shopping often - I have far too many clothes and I'm a student, so shopping sprees are out of the question - but when I do I tend to frequent my favourite stores.

I love shopping at New Look because they always have some great products.  I've been shopping at New Look since my early teenage years and I have always loved the fashion retail store so I've always been a loyal customer.  New Look have some great jewellery pieces, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty products.

I love shopping at Primark because I can purchase great fashion items, basics, beauty products and accessories at affordable prices!  It's a bargain!  If I see a product that I like but it's too expensive, then I always search for a similar item in Primark because they always sell affordable alternatives.  Quilted bags were so popular last year (and the year before) but they are often sold by designer brands such as Chanel, so I went into Primark and purchased a quilted bag with a gold chain for £4!

I love shopping at H&M because they have great fashion and beauty items which are great value for money, and they have a mixture lowly-priced and high-priced collections - such as Balmain x H&M.  I find H&M reasonably priced and they have high quality basics, such as leggings which I always purchase from H&M.  H&M products sell good quality items at reasonable prices and that's pretty cool!

What are your favourite high street fashion stores?

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