My Gratitude List: 10 Things I Am Very Grateful For

I believe that a little bit of gratitude goes a long way, and it doesn't cost a thing.

It's so important to be grateful and appreciative.
I believe that gratitude is a sign of love, care and awareness.  Feeling a sense of gratitude means that you are aware of the good things in life, and it means that know what it means to be humble.  It's so easy to compare yourself to others and to feel as though you have to strive for the 'perfect' life, but I've realised that if you count your blessings then you feel more satisfied, happy and 'at peace' with yourself.  Life can be so unpredictable sometimes and it can throw you off guard.  Life throws in some random twists and turns so it's always good to have a bit of gratitude because that puts things into perspective.

I believe in the saying "Count your blessings and cut your losses."  It's always better to focus on the good stuff instead of the bad, and it's always better to be appreciative of the good things you have.

I'm grateful for:
1. My true friends.  They are lovely, supportive and caring, and they have been there for me through every step of the way.  They've never set out to bring me down in any way.  They have always lifted me up and encouraged me to pursue my passions.  We always stay in contact and whenever we meet up in London we always have fun.
2. University.  In my opinion education equals advancement and empowerment, and knowledge is power.  In some ways university has changed my life: I have gone through a phase of personal development, I have pursued my passions and my chosen subjects, and I have slowly evolved into the person I have always wanted to be.  Moving away to university has meant that I have had more power to be myself, make my own decisions, feel confident and take control of my life.  Coming to university has allowed me to thrive.
3. Chocolate.  I love chocolate!  Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate, Maltesers, Kinder Bueno and Cadbury's Fruit and Nut are my favourites.  Plus I love chocolate bar milkshakes - a Kinder Bueno White milkshake is my favourite!
4. Great experiences and happy moments.  I've so many experiences in the past few years which have been absolutely fun.
5. Pizza!  Pizza is so tasty.  I couldn't imagine life without pizza!
6. My hobbies and passions.  I love writing.  I believe I was born to write.  I have always had a natural flair for writing and I have a very strong writing ability (why is why I study an essay based degree.)  I have used this skill to pursue my passions in magazine writing and blogging.  I believe I was blessed with this skill and I couldn't imagine myself doing something else - because I don't think I'm good at anything else!  I can't draw, I don't know much about HTML, I can't do Maths, I don't like lab work and I don't like doing practical stuff that includes going outdoors.  I play to my stronger strengths, and that makes me happy.
7.  Everyday privileges.  I can turn on the tap and drink water without worrying that I will die.  I have electricity.  I have WiFi.  I have lots of books and I've always read very well.  I don't have to choose between feeding myself and switching on the heating.  I go to a good university.  I may live in a student flat (of decent quality and good value) but at least I have a roof over my head, and I'm so glad that I don't live in a crummy student house with no heating and mould and mice all over the place.
8. My blog.  I love blogging and it has become more than just a hobby.
9. Christmas.  I love the festive season and I love getting into the festive spirit.
10. Feeling alive.  I finally feel as though I am living as opposed to existing, and I feel as though I am living in the moment and taking things day by day.  I feel as though I have gradually adopted a sense of mindfullness.

What are you most grateful for?


  1. Ah what a lovely post and such a lovely choice of images, too. I definitely feel gratitude for chocolate and pizza haha! But things like our everyday privileges and feeling alive are so important and things that I just take for granted. Very inspiring indeed :}

    N xxx