Motivational Poster from Coconut Lane + DISCOUNT CODE!

I become a #CoconutQueen in December 2015 when I joined Coconut Lane as an Ambassador and Blogger - check out my post on that here - and as a treat to myself I recently ordered a poster, pictured above, from the website.

I love inspirational and motivational posters, so I decided to order the poster with the quote "BE A FLAMINGO IN A FLOCK OF PIGEONS" because in a world where one is expected to conform, it's an accomplishment to be yourself and to be different from the norm.  I've never been one to conform or follow the herd, and while I've always stood out for being "different" or "odd", I really don't think that choosing not to conform to social standards is a bad thing!  I've learned to embrace this, and I've learned to be confident and comfortable with being myself and dancing to the beat of my own drum, even if that means I'm different from everyone else.

Anyway, there are many motivational posters to choose from on the Coconut Lane website, as well as phone cases, cards and jewellery.  Use my discount code CHICHI20 to get 20% off Coconut Lane purchases!

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