Losing Myself In A World Of Literature

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Books glorious books!
I love books!

As a child I absolutely loved reading novels.  For myself, reading novels was a way of taking myself off to another world.  I went through a lot as a child so reading was a form of escapism for me.

I find literature fascinating, and I admire the power of words.  Reading is a way for me to delve deep into my imagination and explore.

As I got older, I started reading novels less and less.  Now I hardly read novels and this makes me sad.  I do read a lot, but I tend to read loads of books related to my course so that takes over.

Now it's 2016 and I've decided to put aside time and make an effort to regain my love for novels.  It's about time.  This week I was in the city centre and I was going past The Works and I noticed that the store does a deal: 3 for £5 on paperback novels.  I knew I had to buy some books and I spent approximately an hour searching through the books and trying to decide which books to buy.  I ended up buying six for £10!  Not bad!

I can't wait to start reading these books!  These books definitely make for bedtime reading!

Even though purchasing the books was completely random, I felt satisfied, but most importantly, I felt as though something in my mind just clicked - I realised that I had to start reading novels again.  My childhood love and passion for novels has returned.

Time to start reading!

What are your favourite novels?

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  1. i really want to start reading more this year, i'll definitely check these out :)

    danielle | avec danielle



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