How I Relax

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Most of the time, I'm very busy and life is often very hectic.  I'm often studying, blogging, writing or working odd jobs.

I like to keep myself busy.  If I wasn't busy I'd get so bored, and keeping myself busy keeps me going.

However, it all gets a bit too much for me.  Sometimes I need to relax and chill out!

I like to feel calm and at peace, and I have ways to unwind.

I like to read.  I'd read anything - books, blogs, articles and magazines - in order to take my mind of things.  Ever since my childhood I have always sought solace in reading.  Reading puts me in an alternative world.

I like to listen to music.  Listening to happy music keeps me upbeat and puts my mind in a positive place.

I like to watch YouTube videos, and I'll watch anything that interests me: vlogs, cartoons, music videos, comedy clips, shows, etc.  I like to laugh and I like to watch lifestyle vlogs because I get a sense of escapism.

Speaking of escapism, I don't watch much TV but I like to watch (a healthy dose of) reality TV.  I watch The Real Housewives and Ladies of London.

I like to go for a walk in the park on my own.  Walking in the park calms me, helps me to unwind and gives me the chance to reflect on life.

Sometimes, when I really need to have a rest, I take a nap.  I get into my comfy bed, close my eyes and go to sleep for a couple of hours.  When I wake up I feel refreshed, 'recharged' and relaxed.

Since coming to university I have come to realise and appreciate the importance or relaxation, and by using these techniques I find that I'm a lot calmer, much more reflective, more focused and more motivated.

How do you relax?

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  1. I listen to music to keep me focused, to relax me, to put me to sleep, really music helps me a lot. I would definitely say the reason I adore it so much is the way it makes me forget all my worries and just be in that moment listening, so I totally back you up on that one. Oh and don't start me on naps, I love naps especially when I am stressing out, a little power nap usually helps me chill.



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