Favourite Things: 60 Things That Make Me Happy

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1. Chocolate

2. Blogging

3. Writing

4. Reading

5. M&S apple pie/crumble with vanilla custard

6. Strawberry laces from Tesco

7. Nail polish

8. Eating out

9. Pizza

10. Exotic fruits - pineapples, guavas, paw paws, papaya, passion fruit, coconuts, etc.

11. Sleeping/napping

12. Chilling and relaxing

13. Watching episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air

14. Receiving presents, parcels and packages

15. Receiving compliments

16. Listening to music

17. Meeting up with friends

18. Debating

19. Watching videos on YouTube

20. Hot chocolate

21. Peace and quiet

22. The winter drinks at Costa

23. Herbal tea

24. Feeling loved and appreciated

25. Purple lipstick

26. Braided hair

27. Receiving recognition for something great I've done

28. Going for a walk in the park, especially during summertime

29. Nandos!

30. Watching a film in bed with popcorn and a drink in tow

31. Exploring a place I've never been before.

32. Floral perfumes

33. Bags

34. Christmas - music, food, films, etc.

35. Gaining opportunities

36. Goodies!

37. Cake

38. Juice and smoothies

39. Motivational quotes

40. Motivational posters

41. Going to museums and art galleries

42. Discount codes

43. Pudding

44. Positive energy and good vibes

45. Watching a catwalk show

46. Creme egg

47. Living in Leeds

48. Living in London

49. Money! Earning, saving and receiving money

50. Cooking myself a meal from scratch

51. Spending time on my own

52. Watching Britain's Got Talent

53. Watching Mr Bean

54. Comfort

55. Keeping my room clean, tidy and organised,

56. Seeing other people overcome adversity

57. Overcoming adversity

58. Doing something because I want to do it, not because society tells me to

59. Dessert parlours

60. Achieving my goals

What makes you happy?  What are your favourite things?

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