10 Tips on Savvy Shopping!

I am a savvy shopper.

As a student and lover of budgeting, I'm rather savvy when it comes to shopping.  I don't spend like crazy and I always had to learn to budget, plus I always like to keep my eye out for deals.  Luckily I'm not too bad with money, and if I can't afford an item I don't purchase.

Don't get me wrong, I love to go out shopping sometimes, but I always go by a number of tips when I'm out shopping in order to save money.

Here are some of my tips on how to be a wonderful savvy shopper!

1. Pay in cash.
Whenever I'm out shopping or eating I always pay in cash, because it's much easier to keep a mental record of my bank balance and watch what I'm spending rather than paying by card.  For myself, it's the easiest way to budget.

2. Budget.
Speaking of budgets, decide the maximum amount you want to spend a stick to it.  I tend to stick to a budget between £20 and £40!  That includes public transportation costs as well.

3. Use discount cards and codes.
I love discounts!  I always use loyalty cards, vouchers, discount cards and discount codes because I can get money off my purchases!  As a student, I use an NUS Extra card and I use Unidays.

4. Shop in the sale.
You can purchase some really cool items in the sale and save money.  I like to wait until certain items are in the sale before buying them so that I can get money off.

5. Think!
Do I really need/want this product? Will I use/wear it? Or will it stay at the back of my wardrobe?  Can I afford it?  If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you shouldn't buy the item.

6. Schedule shopping trips.
Don't be that person who goes shopping every day/week/weekend.  Shopping should be a treat and a luxury, so it's not something you should do regularly.  I don't shop very often but I like to treat myself once in a while.

7. Shop dupes and alternatives.
Why purchase a bag for £100 in a designer store when you can buy a similar bag in Primark for a £10?  I always purchase dupes and alternatives from high-street fashion retailers because I know I will only pay for a fraction of the cost for an item that would have cost me extortionate amounts from a designer brand.  Plus, a lot of high street items are of high quality anyway.  I still have high street clothing that I've been wearing for years!

8. Plan.
Decide what you will buy and the maximum amount of money you will spend. Make a list of the things you want to buy and stick to it, instead of going into a store and buying anything and everything you see.

9. Shop online.
Shopping online makes shopping easier because there are so many discount cods available, and it's much easier to see how much you are spending by looking at your shopping basket.  I like shopping online because it means that I can shop from the comfort of my own home, and it means that I don't have to deal with annoying customer assistants trying to sell me a product every five minutes.

10. Take your time.
When out shopping take your time and don't be an impulsive shopper.  Don't purchase everything you see.  Have some patience.  To be extra patient, wait a while and see if that item you want to will go in sale.

What are your top savvy shopping tips?

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