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Sunday, December 27, 2015

What is your Instagram name?

When did you get your Instagram?
I don't remember but I think I got the Instagram app in the Spring/Summer of 2012.

What was the first picture you posted on Instagram?
This one!

How often do you post pictures?
As often as I feel like!  I do post regularly and I do post a lot of photos after particular events, such as going out with fiends.

What is your worst photo on Instagram?
I can't think of a time when I posted a photo I didn't like, but sometimes I look back on a photo and I think "that wasn't clear/I didn't edit that properly/I should have used a different filter/I should have used no filter/I should have used a filter."  I have deleted pictures I didn't like or pictures that I felt I wasn't keen on.

What picture do you have the most likes on?
Recently I have received a lot of likes on my photos, but I think the reason for that is because on some photos I use of lot a hashtags.  I've noticed that photos of places, beauty products, nails, events, meals out and inspirational quotes get more likes.

Why did you get an Instagram?
I got the Instagram app because I take so many photos and I wanted a platform that would allow me to upload and share my photos in one place.  Mind you, I don't publish every single photo that I take and there are boundaries: I'd never ever post personal photos (e.g. photos of my home.)

What type of accounts do you follow?
I follow my friends, other bloggers, a few celebrities, some travel accounts, a few PR accounts and a few nail brands.

What type of pictures do you post?
I tend to post photos of places I've been, dining out and beauty products.

Is your Instagram private or public?
My Instagram account is public, but I'm thinking of making it private.

What are your favourite pictures that you have posted?
I love uploading photos of places I've been, tasty meals I've eaten and nail polishes I've been using.

What is your most recent post?
A photo of the London Eye.

Name 15 people you follow on Instagram!
1. emshelx
2. yasminechanel
3. kayleighjcouture
4. rachhhh_xo
5. aladyinlondon
6. susieamy
7. luisazissman
8. binkyfelstead
9. scarlettlondon
10. dizzybrunette
11. milkbubbleteablog
12. barrymcosmetics
13. modelsownofficial
14. nailsinc
15. truebritlondon

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