#LeedsXmasMeet + #LaRedouteBloggerXmasParty

On Saturday 5th December I was lucky enough to attend two blogger events: the #LeedsXmasMeet and the #LaRedouteBloggerXmasParty!

The #LeedsXmasMeet event was held in The Black Swan pub on Call Lane, Leeds.  It was a chance to meet other fellow bloggers based in Yorkshire and to chat about our bloggers and get to know each other over a drink.  The event was oragnised by Rhianna of Robowecop - a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Leeds - and we were all in one room where there were plenty of treats and goodies.

I met some great people!  I met Ashton, Jordan, Sam and Becky, and we spoke and hung around with each other for the whole day and the evening when we went to the La Redoute Party!  It was so lovely to sit down and talk to other bloggers.  It was such a big deal for me because whenever I am in a situation where I know no-one then I feel shy and a bit anxious, but it was nice to get out of my comfort zone and meet people with a similar passion.  I find it easier to interact with bloggers over Twitter and sometimes get involved in Twitter chats, but it's nice to talk to bloggers face-to-face.

Later on Rhianna help a raffle prize contest.  Like others, I bought a raffle ticket but I didn't win anything!  There were some really cool prizes, such as a nail polish set, fancy makeup bags and a Magnitone set!  Never mind, I had such a great time anyway so it didn't matter.  The money from the raffle prize draw will go to Young Minds, a mental health charity that works with young people, and that matters more.  Mental health is a topic that's really close to my heart, so I really glad that the raffle money is going to a good cause.

Most importantly the event was a lot of fun!  Goodies, treats, drinks and lots of chatter and laughter.  I came away feeling like I'd enjoyed the meet up!

Check out my goodies from my goody bag!
Thank you Rhianna for this lovely Christmas card!

In the evening we went to the #LaRedouteBloggerXmasParty!  I managed to ask for a last minute invite, which was great, and the event was held round the corner from Call Lane by La Redoute.  For those of you who aren't familiar, La Redoute is an online French fashion retailer but you can order their products in the UK, and I believe they have headquarters in Leeds.

The La Redoute party was pretty awesome!  We had free drinks, free food, free sweets and chocolate, great music and DJ and a chance to check out the La Redoute AW15 evening/partywear range!

The best thing about the La Redoute Bloggers Christmas party  was this dress!  We we all told to pick an outfit, put it on and get pictures taken by the photographer.  Once we did that we could keep the outfit!  I picked out this dress and it's so lovely!  It was just right, and the right size too!  I just love it, it's so nice!  At least I have an evening/party dress to wear this season!

I received some goodies from La Redoute too!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Rhianna for organising the Leeds Xmas Meet event, it was absolutely fantastic, and I would like to say a huge thank you to La Redoute and La Redoute PR for the wonderful La Redoute Blogger Xmas party!

Check out La Redoute's partywear and evening outfits for women here.


  1. Was lovely meeting you and I hope to see you again soon! Lovely post :)

    Jordan | JordanCourtney

    1. Thank you! :D It was so nice to meet you too! Hopefully we will meet up again soon! :)