#2015BESTNINE + A Summary of 2015

You can find out your 'best nine' pictures (based on the number of likes) on Instagram here, and that's what I did!

I've had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of positive moments and a lot of negative moments.  The first half of 2015 wasn't that great - I had some issues with my flat (and I ended up moving out), rubbish flatmates, fake 'friends' and some issues with one of my modules on my course - but then from the summer onwards things started to get better.  I cut a lot toxic people off, I gained opportunities and I started surrounding myself with positive people and great friends.

Overall, 2015 was a great year for me.  I felt as though things were starting to improve in my life, and my hard work was starting to pay off.  I got a 2:1 in my second year, my blog started going from strength to strength, and I gained some opportunities in relation to my blog: netowrking events, blogging events, product reviews, freelance writing, freelance interning, brand collaborations and blogger meetups. I've been very busy this year, but it's been a good year.

(Starting from the top row going from left to right...)

One of my main ambitions in life (alongside kick starting my media career) is to travel to many places in the world.  I have written a lot of travel posts and wishlists this year, which you can read here.

Tanya Burr Advent Calender
I purchased my first beauty calender, the Tanya Burr Deck The Hauls Advent calender.  I couldn't wait to open it and it didn't disappoint.  I also purchased the Sugar Plum Nail Polish and Nail Art Set.

Coconut Lane
In December I was contacted by Charlotte Stagg, the CEO and Founder of Coconut Lane, and she asked me to become an Ambassador and Blogger for the brands, which is amazing!  From 2016 I will start blogging for Coconut Lane so keep an eye out!  I've been coming up with ideas to pitch.  Also, get 20% off of Coconut Lane purchases using code CHICHI20.

P.S. Primark Beauty Matt nails
I can't think of a spectacular moment to do with this, but all I can say is this: matte nails were a massive beauty trend in 2015 and 2014, and my addiction to buying nail polish hasn't gone away!

I'm a member of the fashion society at university, and I found out about the IllamasquaXMotel event through one of the committee members.  I attended, and I had a great evening!  Read all about that here!

New Look purchases for Christmas
A few days before Christmas I received a New Look giftcard from one of my editors of a blog I guest-write for, so I decided to treat myself.

Coconut Lane
See previous point.

Yes To... products.
In October 2015 I started writing for Charee Mag, as a result I get the chance to review products and the opportunities to attend exclusive events.  I reviewed the Yes To products, which you can read here.

Glimmer Tattoos Collaboration
I received the chance to review Glimmer's Gold Tattoos by Melanie Sykes.  Read about that here.

I decided to create my own 'best nine' moodboard, and I picked out pictures that reminded me of some very special moments.

Winter Wonderland
I recently went to Winter Wonderland with my good friends from 6th form, and we had a lot of fun!!!!!

Dress from La Redoute
I received this lovely partywear dress La Redoute after attending the La Redoute Bloggers' Christmas party in the city centre of Leeds.  Prior to that, I attended the LeedXmasMeet.  You can read about the two events here.

Poster from Gloment
I created my own inspirational poster with Gloment, and you can read about that here.

Lippy No Gloss
My article on Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream Speech" (which I worked on with other writers) was printed and published in the Lippy No Gloss magazine.

I decided to visit Sheffield because I wanted to visit the university's journalism department.  For a while I had been thinking about studying an accredited postgraduate course in Magazine Journalism, and visiting Sheffield has influenced my decision.  I definitely want to train up to be a journalist, but I'll have to figure out funding first.

Despite some personal issues at university, I finished my second year with a 2:1 and entered my final year!

Pure London
In August I attended Pure London -  a fashion trade show - in Kensington Olympia.  It was a great chance to network, meet my boss (I worked as a Social Media Intern for Azzy London) and attend catwalk shows.  Read about that here.

Azzy London tattoos
Over the summer I worked as a Freelance Social Media Intern for Azzy London and I received some metallic temporary tattoos to try out.  Read about that here.

Bloggers' Festival 2015
I attended my very first blogging event!  In September I attended the Bloggers' Festival which was held in Central London and organised by Scarlett London.  Read about the event here, and read about the goodies I received here.

Here's hoping that 2016 will be even better!


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