Throwback Thursday: Winter Wonderland 2013

A couple of years ago my friends and I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  It was my first time going there!

We went to the circus and the Magical Ice Kingdom (which was absolutely freezing cold!  Too cold!  The queue was so long as well!)

Then we had a stroll around the wonderland, the German Christmas market and the funfair.

After that we went to Marble Arch and Oxford Circus for lunch and window shopping!

It seems quite so long ago but I do remember having a wonderful time and a lot of fun, and I was in the festive spirit.  It was nice to spend some quality time with my friends at Christmas!  I love Christmas - it's the season to be jolly - and Winter Wonderland is a massive part of that.  If you are in London this winter then I would definitely recommend visiting.  It's free to enter but you have to pay to enter the attractions, and I think for some of those attractions you need to pay for tickets (better to purchase and print off in advance.) I hope to visit sometime soon!  I hope to visit Winter Wonderland in December when I come back to London for a month.  Fingers crossed!

Take a look at my photos.

(My photos were taken on my old smartphone and the camera quality wasn't the best so I do apologise in advance.)



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