My Most Overused Beauty Product: BeautyUK in Plumalicious

I have one cosmetic product that I seem to use more than any other: the berry lipstick.

And there is one berry/purple lipstick that I use the most: Beauty UK's lipstick in Plumalicious!

I have been using this lipstick for over a year and I absolutely love it!  I always wear it.  I love the colour - I love berry-coloured lip and nail products - and I find that the lipstick is smooth, nourishing and moisturising on my lips.  After applying the lipstick it leaves a 'wet' and 'matte' finish and it is long-lasting, which is great because it lasts the whole day.

There are so many purple lipsticks that are so expensive or not the right shade for me, but this lipstick is right for me and it only costs £3.49 in Superdrug!

All in all, this is my highly recommended lipstick and a favourite of mine!


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