My Blogging Confessions

I have been blogging for two years (yay) and while I enjoy it (and it comes with perks and opportunities) it's a lot of work!  There are many things that I have learned along the way from being part of the blogging world, but it doesn't help that there are many sweeping generalisations, assumptions, stereotypes and misconceptions.

Here are my confessions of being a blogger.

Running my blog alongside my degree, hobbies, committments and social life is a lot of hard work!
People think that bloggers just stay in all day, blog and get freebies, but it's not like that.  Most of us have various tasks and responsibilities that we juggle in our everyday lives alongside blogging.

I fell into the blogging world by accident.
I randomly stumbled across fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs through YouTube and Twitter, and I haven't stopped reading blogs since.

I don't think there is anything wrong with montesing your blog.
I don't really understand why bloggers get a lot of flack for this.  If you had the chance to make money from your passion/hobby, wouldn't you take it?  I monetize my blog - I'm quite open about this in my Disclaimer policy - and I have no shame.  However, it's not a quick way to make money, and I will always maintain my integrity.

I don't have anything against bloggers who have managed to turn their blog into a full time job.
In fact, I commend them for it because I'd love to be able to do the same.  I think people who criticise bloggers for blogging full-time are green-eyed monsters in disguise.

It's okay to take on sponsored posts.
I have written posts for various brands such as Debenhams, Lyla Loves, Next, Flashmob Cosmetics, Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos, Powder Scarves, Zest Beauty, Urban Country Bags and Azzy London.

I love reading other blogs!
In my spare time I read blogs - it's my way of unwinding, finding escapism and taking inspiration.

I take inspiration for my posts from anything and anyone!

I come up with ideas for my blog all the time!
The memo and notebook apps on my smartphone have both come in very handy, and I also have a notebook and pen on my desk.

I don't have a fancy camera.
I take pictures using my smartphone, and I use free and licensed images from Pixabay.

I don't always follow blogger tips.
I take them on board but I like to do what is right for myself and my blog.  I think blogging is a learning curve and you have to go through that process yourself.

I write and edit all of my posts myself...
...and I enjoy it!

I don't normally disclose that I am a blogger.
However I don't hide the fact that this is something I do in my spare time - especially from my friends - and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then the fact that I blog is quite obvious.

Sometimes I spend my weekends doing nothing else but blogging.
I do have a social life but I take my blog very seriously so I spend all my spare time on it.  It's a great way for me to unwind and to have something else to focus on apart from my degree.  I spend the weekdays focusing on my degree then I spend Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays blogging and writing articles.

You don't have to find your 'niche'.
Write about what you want!  I write fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts, and I write comment pieces too.  I always think it's good to write about different categories, but I don't think it's good to be too broad.

I started my blog as a portfolio...
...and I now my blog is a way of helping me to get opportunities.

All in all, I love blogging and it has become a fantastic hobby for me...
...and I don't regret starting my blog!  It has been quite an interesting and wonderful journey.

What are your blogging confessions?

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