How To Write Travel Blog Posts When You Can't Afford To Travel

I love to write about travel - and I'd love to write more travel posts - but I don't travel often.  I haven't been abroad since 2010 and I don't travel because at the moment I can't afford to do so.  It's a shame because I read lifestyle and travel blogs often and I have strong feelings of wanderlust.  I have always wanted to visit as many places as possible in my life, and since I started blogging I have always wanted to share travel desires and experiences.

I have had to come up with ideas help me generate travel content for my blog, so here are my tips on writing travel blog posts if you can't afford to travel.

Write a travel wishlist.
Blog about your dream destinations.

Write about previous holidays and trips.
If you have been on a trip or holiday that you really enjoyed, write about it!  Even if it was a long time since the trip, it's great to write about your trips from the past as it makes for timeless travel content.

Search for travel blog post ideas.
There are many ideas for travel blog posts, like this one here.

Write list posts.
Lists articles and posts are quite fun to write about, so try writing some about travel.  Some examples include:
10 Reasons to Visit Rome
10 Reasons to Visit Mexico
Top 20 Travel Blogs You Should Be Following
5 Travel Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram

Write about staycations and day trips.
If you can't afford to travel abroad go on a 'staycation' (vacation in the country you live in) or a day trip and write about it.

Write about your favourite things to do in your home town
write about your local area.
Explore you home town and talk about your favourite restaurants, shops, events, museums, galleries, parks, cinemas, etc. in your local area.

Give out travel tips and advice.
Share your travel tips and advice with your readers.

Enter travel writing competitions.
Some travel competitions involve writing a travel post in order to win a holiday!  Check out my Dubai post here.  Enter some travel competitions here.

Check out my travel posts here.

*This post was inspired by Tink Jane.


  1. So true, and you have some great ideas here! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you :) I love writing travel posts but some people I find it hard because I'm not constantly jetsetting, so it's nice to be able to find some inspiration and ideas and share that with others! :)