Why Do I Blog? 15 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

I absolutely love blogging.

I started my blog in November 2013 but in the summer of 2015 I started to take it more seriously and I put so much effort into it.  It is a hobby that has become a big part of my life!

Here are 15 fantastic reasons why I love to blog.

1. I can write what I like, whenever I like, how I want.  Blogging has given me the ability to express myself.

2. I have developed a huge amount of skills - time-management, organisation, outreach, writing, editing, communication and an awareness of brands and trends.

3. I have the privilege of being part of an amazing community.  Being a member of the blogging world means that I am part of a community full of like-minded individuals who share the same passions!

4. I have my own personal place/space on the internet that I can call my own.

5. It has potential to become a business.  I started my blog as a hobby but I do want it to lead onto lucrative opportunities (my ambition is to become a well-know and well-paid freelance writer...)

6....which leads on to my next point: blogging is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy!

7. It is a form of escapism.
I started my blog in November 2013 when I was having some issues at university (I was living with a couple of horrible flatmates.)  Around that time I joined a magazine society at my university and started writing for its fashion blog.  Having a blog gave me a chance to create an online portfolio, so I had something else to focus on instead of dealing with petty 'mean-girl' drama.  My blog also became my priority when I had a massive falling out with a university 'friend' last year (who turned out to be a toxic and horrible human being) and stopped talking to a lot of 'friends'/acquaintances/random people at university.

Even though those chapters of my life have since passed, I still use my blog for escapism when I am stressed out or feeling down and out.

8. Blogging gives me a voice.  Like I mentioned previously my blog is my space on the internet and it gives me a platform to express myself on.

9.  Blogging brings opportunities.  As a result of my blog I have been able to receive writing and work experience opportunities, network and build up connections, collaborate with brands, and I recently attended a blogging event!

10. It's given me a chance to build up my portfolio.  I want to work in the media and having a blog (plus writing for other blogs and magazines) gives me the chance to improve my writing skills and build up my portfolio.

11. Blogging is a part of new media, which is a fascinating and exciting industry that I want to be a part of.

12. Blogging gives me a chance to network, connect with others, and meet brands, PRs, and other bloggers.

13. I am able to pursue and share my interests.  I have always had interests in writing, trends, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel but I didn't pursue these interests until I started blogging.

14. I have a chance to be creative.  Before I started blogging I didn't believe that I had a creative side at all.

15. Last point but not least: I enjoy it!

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