Recent Purchases: Large Satchel Bags

I love satchel bags.

I'm currently using one at the moment as my day-to-day bag for university.  I bought it in Primark last year.  Here's an alternative.

I recently bought two large satchel bags from WH Smith.  I saw someone with one of the beautiful satchel bags in one of my lectures, so I knew I had to buy it.  However I bought two, not one, because I couldn't pick a colour and I love them both!

WH Smith Large Hot Pink Satchel Bag
WH Smith Blue Large Satchel

The bags are large, strong and sturdy so they are ideal for university or work.  However I have a couple of criticisms.  First of all, in order to close the bags you'd have to fasten them manually because the bags don't have a magnetic clasps.  Secondly, the inside of the bags don't have an extra pouch.

But I'm still satisfied with my purchases and I can't wait to use them!


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