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Friday, October 16, 2015

I finally ordered myself some business cards!


About time!

For a long time I wanted to purchase some business cards to take with me to networking events, but I was quite reluctant to purchase business cards until my blog, name and URL were all sorted.  I started my blog and portfolio in 2013 and I changed the name and the URL so many times, so I wanted to settle on a name and get to a place where I was fully satisfied with my blog and portfolio before getting business cards printed out and handed out to brands and PRs.

Now I'm finally satisfied with my portfolio, blog name and URL (except for the fact that I haven't bought my domain - yet.)  I'm not going to change the name ever again, I've been blogging for a significant amount of time, my blog name reflects me and what my blog is about and I am comfortable telling brands, bloggers, contacts and PRs my blog name, so creating and ordering business cards was the next step.  I go to a lot of networking events and I went to loads over the summer.  While I enjoyed being able to mingle with brands and PRs, I felt as though I needed to up my 'networking game' by giving out my details rather than telling them.

I ordered my business cards with MOO after seeing samples of their business cards at the Top Drawer London trade show event at Kensington Olympia in September.  The website has a variety of themes to choose from so you can find the right design that works for you and looks good for the cards you want.  Then you can add the relevant details (name, surname, email, website, etc.)

 I ordered Mini Cards (100 in a pack) because I wanted small cards.  You can create your own design or use MOO's special designs.  I used the Sharp Contrast theme because I wanted a theme that's simple and classic, yet eye-catching, authoritative and straight to the point.  I added my details, changed the font and that was it!  Quite a simple process really.

I am really happy with my purchase, and I got a discount too!  I feel more equipped to network!  I can't wait to go to another event, mingle, and hand out my business cards like a pro!

Get MOO business cards here.  Use discount code TD20 to get 20% off!

*I have not been paid or compensated by MOO for this post.

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