10 Budget Blog Post Ideas

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

You don't need to be rich to write a blog.

I'm certainly not!

I don't have a fancy camera (I wish I did) and I am very limited on blogging essentials - I use my smartphone, my laptop and a notebook.  I have a small budget so I can't always afford to buy products.

But...I still manage to blog on a budget - in fact most of the time I blog on a budget!

Here are 10 blog post ideas for the blogger on a budget.

1. Wishlist (beauty, fashion, travel)
2. Tags (e.g. Winter, Autumn, TMI, Get To Know Me)
3. What I've learned from blogging
4. My makeup routine
5. What's in my handbag
6. Rant - what's on my mind
7. My top 5 tips for saving money
8. The latest fashion trends
9. My top 5 beauty hacks
10. My favourite brands

Do you have any budget blog post ideas?  List them below in the Comments section!


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