Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I have been nominated to do the 'Love/Hate' Tag (thanks Kate!) so here goes...
In this tag (originally created by Florence Grace) I have to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate and discuss my reasons why.  Then I have to tag to other bloggers to complete the tag.

Here are my lists in (no particular order.)

10 things I hate
1. Messy and lazy people - I'm not a super-clean person myself but I absolutely hate filth and I can't stand people who make a mess and are too lazy to clean up after themselves.  No home is perfect but it's so disgusting and unhygienic to live in a nasty home.
2. Bad friends - I have cut out so many bad friends (and ex-flatmates/housemates and acquaintances) over the years because they did not treat me with the respect I deserve.  As a true friend, there are certain things you should do and there are certain things you shouldn't do, plus there are certain lines you should never cross.
3. Toxic drama - I really don't care for trouble and pettiness so I prefer to shy away from drama, and I stay away from toxic people and dramatic shit-stirrers.
4. 'Mean-girl' types - I really can't stand bitchy girls.  Throughout my adolescence I went to a couple of girls' schools and in my first two years of university I lived with a group of girls so I have unfortunately been on the receiving end of bitchy, spiteful and nasty behaviour.  It's very sad and very disappointing because I think that women should lift each other up, not put each other down.
5. Misogynistic men - I really don't have time for men who exhibit male entitlement tendencies and treat women like objects they own.  Misogynistic men don't have respect for women and I don't have respect for anyone who doesn't have respect for me.
6. Inequality - As a Sociology student I am really passionate about social issues, and it's sad to see inequalities between races/classes/gender within society.
7. Racism - I deserve to be judged on the content of my character, not on my skin colour, so I can't stand it when people stereotype me and make stupid judgements and assumptions on the basis of my race.
8. Being told I can't do something - my life is belongs to me, so I don't appreciate unsolicited advice on how I should or shouldn't live.
9. People who impose their (often ignorant) views on you - everyone is entitled to their opinions (I am quite opinionated) but it's okay to have difference in opinions.  It's not okay to try to shove you opinions down someone else's throat.
10. Cold weather - this sounds weird because I live in England but I prefer warm weather.  I can't stand feeling like I'm freezing cold!

10 things I love
1. Nail polish - read about that here.
2. Blogging and writing - my passions!
3. My true friends - despite having had bad friends come and go in my life I have a great group of friends (in my hometown.)  I don't have a lot of friends in my life but the ones I do have support me, encourage me and treat me the way I deserve to be treated.  Sometimes we don't always hang out because we are so busy with our own lives (employment, studying, living away) but when we do hang out we have some great times socialising :)
4. Money - I love money!  I hate it when people say that money doesn't matter, because in reality I think it does.  I miss earning money and I love seeing my bank balance get topped up.
5. Museums and galleries - I love history so in my spare time I like to visit museums and galleries and I like to have a look at exhibitions.
6. Eating out - I absolutely love eating out!  I love food and I love going out to restaurants and eating out with friends!
7. Reading - in my spare time I like to read - books, magazines, blogs (check out my Blogroll here) and newspapers.
8. YouTube - I love watching videos on YouTube.  Check out my Vlogroll.
9. Butterflies - I don't like insects but I like butterflies because they are beautiful.
10. London - despite its downsides (too expensive, too crowded, rush hour is a nightmare, pollution, etc) I love London.  London is my hometown and as the capital city it has a lot to offer.

For this tag I will tag all bloggers, so any blogger can complete this tag!

Which 10 things do you love?  And which 10 things do you hate?

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