On Saturday 5th September 2015 I attended a blogging event for the very first time!
I was invited to attend the Bloggers' Festival by fellow blogger Scarlett Dixon at the Conrad St' James' Hotel.

Once I arrived I was very excited but very nervous because I had never been to a blogging event before, but I was willing to just enjoy the experience.  I got chatting to a few bloggers and I treated myself to a couple of mimosa cocktails, and I had a look through the Bloggers Festival booklet while waiting to enter.

Then it was time to go in, and time to network with a variety of brands and PRs!

The brands I came across were: - jewellery
Simply Be - fashion
Gimmer - temporary tattoos
Exuviance - skincare
Yoogaia - yoga app
The Perfume Shop - I spoke to their PR representatives from Popcorn PR
Bee Good - skincare
Bare Minerals - makeup
Bon Prix - clothing
Balance - skincare
Yours Truly Organics - skincare
Nanshy - makeup accessories
Bravura - skincare

I also ended up speaking to representatives from Mode Media and Small Man Media.  Mode Media works with bloggers and YouTube in order to create wonderful content and earning lucrative opportunities.  Small Man Media does PR for numerous stationary brands.

Also, I received LOADS of freebies!
"Blogging is thirsty work."
I don't blog for the sake of receiving freebies but I do consider receiving freebies an added bonus and the perks of blogging.  I received quite a lot of products and I will be reviewing these products and featuring them on my blog over the next month or so!

All in all, I really enjoyed the event and I had lots of fun!  It was a great chance for me to network with other bloggers, brands and PRs, and I look forward to attending more bloggers events soon!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Scarlett for organising this event.  It was definitely a huge success!


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