Bag Wishlist: The Mint Green Shoulder Bag

I love bags!  I have quite a number of bags, though my collection is slowly increasing.  I just can't get enough!

I have different types but I love bags that are small or medium-sized, and go across the body, and I love seeing bags in different colours, textures and patterns.
I saw this bag on the Urban Country Bags website, and it's currently on my list of things I'm wishing for/lusting after.

This bag is called the Milan Small Flap Over Shoulder Bag (£31.99) in Mint (I think there's a pink version too.)

I'd love to have this bag because you can adjust the bag to go across the body as well as over the shoulder, and it's reasonably sized: not too big but not too small.  I like the style, design and texture too.  I like bags that have a 'flap-over' feature, and I prefer 'hard' textured bags over soft ones.

Also, I don't normally buy green fashion items or beauty products but when I do I always buy mint/pastel/baby/pistachio green shades which I love.  I love the mint shade of the bag.  It's pretty cool and it's nice to add bold or pastel colours to my ever-increasing bag collection.

At £31.99, the bag costs more than what I'd normally pay for (between £4 and £15) but I'd be willing to pay for this bag.

All in all, this is a bag I want to include on my wishlist, and this is a bag I would to purchase.

*This post was created in collaboration with Urban Country Bags, as part of The Blogger Programme.  However, I have not been compensated for this post.

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