5 Things That Cheer Me Up After A Bad Day

Monday, September 28, 2015

Like anyone else, I have my ups and downs and I have my good days and my bad days.

No one can be happy and have great days all the time, and I am no exceptions.  I have days where I feels so down, and I need to just chill out, keep calm and relax, so in no particular order here are five things that cheer me up after a bad day.

1. Watching...something
At the end of a really tough day I like to make myself some dinner, sit on the sofa or climb into bed, get my tablet out and find something to watch.  I am a Real Housewives junkie (it's a form of escapism for me!) so I'll try to find episodes to watch on ITV Player, and I like catchup TV so I'll try to watch whatever I feel like watching (Come Dine With Me on 4oD is a favourite of mine.)

Alternatively, I'll go on YouTube and watch vloggers (check out my Vlogroll,) comedy clips, cartoon clips or Wendy Williams.

2. Listening to music
I have the Spotify and Blinkbox music apps on my phone and my tablet so sometimes I like to listen a music to unwind.

3. Reading
I love to read.  I'll read books, blogs and websites (including Daily Mail's Sidebar of Shame), but I make more of an effort to read blogs because I love reading lots of blogs - check out my Blogroll - and reading fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts (lifestyle is my favourite category, it's almost like escapism to me.)

4. Speaking to a friend
I live away from my hometown for most of the year because I study away for university and all of my friends and I have very busy schedules - my friends are either studying, in employment or on work placements - so it's often nice to have a catch-up with all on my friends via text/phone call/Whatsapp messenger.

5. Drinking a cup of hot chocolate...
...because I love chocolate and nothing beats a nice cup of hot chocolate!



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  1. I love this post. Can't beat a good show and mug of hot chocolate!




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