What I've Been Up To This Summer

Back in May I wrote about my plans for the summer.

It's August now, and things have been quite good.
I was determined to have a better summer (I've had rubbish summers in the past) and I feel as though my summer's been great!  Also, the weather this summer hasn't been too bad (heatwave anyone?) so that's a bit of a bonus!

Here's what I've been up to:

I have been very busy working very hard on my blog: updating my blog and its pages, adding to my portfolio and creating regular content.  I have made a lot of changes and kept it updated which I am really proud of, and I have been promoting it in order to get more people reading!

Working and interning
I've have managed to get some work.  Yay!  Even though some of it is not paid and some of it is not regular, my work is flexible, and it has kept me busy and has helped me to gain some skills and experience.  In June I worked as a (paid) Student Ambassador for my university, which was so much fun!  Since July I have been working as a Freelance Fashion Writer for Your Coffee Break, and as a freelance Social Media Intern for Azzy London!

I still need to finish my stack of books I'd planned to read, but overall I've been reading mostly blogs!

I've had so much fun socialising with my friends - eating out, shopping, and going for walks together,

Even though I've been busy I have been able to relax by listening to music, reading and watching reality TV.

I have been going on walks around my local parks on a regular basis, and whenever I go to the library to work I usually walk instead of taking the bus.

Things left to do...
- Now that I've got it figured out, I need to start planning my dissertation.  Boooo!
- Start creating job applications (I want to get a part-time job alongside my degree and I want to start applying for a job for the post-university period.)
- Broadening my horizons - i.e. visiting museums, galleries, historical landmarks, new places - though I managed to go to a place I'd never been to before.

What were your summer plans?

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