I'm a British Citizen, born and raised.

As a result of this, I have a lot of VBP - Very British Problems.

I have been watching the Very British Problems programme on Channel 4 (which broadcasts at 9pm every Thursday) and I follow Very British Problems on Twitter, and a lot of the points made about this topic resonates with me 100%.

Here are my 'issues':

Being overly polite.

Being overly apologetic.

Pretending I've heard something someone has said to me when I haven't and nodding along instead of asking the person to repeat themselves.

Forgetting someone's name but feeling too embarrassed to ask.

Addicted to fish and chips!  Especially at the seaside!

Adopting a telephone voice (even though I speak well enough!)

Trying to pronounce words properly.

Being called 'posh' because I have a Southern accent - I am not 'posh' but because I live in Northern England people seem to think I am!

Complaining about the weather!

Constantly trying to avoid interacting with people whenever I'm busy or running errands.

Silently judging people who annoy me on public transport.

Using a mobile phone as a way of avoiding interaction with others.

Trying to keep conversations short and sweet (and sometimes failing!)

Never telling someone that "my home is your home" and "make yourself at home" (my home is not your home.)  I don't like people inviting themselves over either - I find it to be rather rude.

Reserving a seat and picking the quiet coach when booking train tickets for long-distance train journeys

Not wanting to have a conversation with cabbies or taxi drivers.

Defending my personal space on public transport.

Constantly "popping out."

My 'addiction' to (herbal) tea.

What are your very British problems?

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