Recent Purchases: Westfield Stratford City

On Sunday 16th August I went to Westfield in Stratford City to go out for a meal with a school friend of mine.

I arrived early and while I was waiting for her to arrive, I decided to do a bit of shopping!
I went looking around a lot of the shops, then I purchased a few items.

The first shop I stopped at was Primark.  I bought these nail polishes and they were so cheap!  The pink and purple quick dry nail polishes were 60p each, and the mint green and light blue nail polishes were 80p each!

Then I bought the Nivea Mini Travel Essentials Set for £5! I'm not planning on travelling anywhere but I thought I'd treat myself, and it was a bargain (a few months ago a supermarket store was selling a similar set for double the price.)

The set contains:

Then I was walking past Urban Outfitters and I noticed the store has a section for books, so I decided to take a look.  I don't normally shop in Urban Outfitters for clothes but they had a fantastic range of books (and I love reading), so I decided to pick up three, and I got a student discount off my purchases: 10% off!

I bought:

Then I popped into Lush Cosmetics to have a look around, and I picked up a free copy of the Fresh Thinking magazine.  This magazine has a list of Lush products and the ingredients they contain, as well as future products you should look out for!

After that, my friend arrived and we ate at Nandos!

I don't normally go to Westfield in Stratford (I always go Westfield in White City) but I really enjoyed coming here (it's my second time coming here) so all in all it was a good day.

What were your recent purchases?

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