My Top 9 Blogging Essentials

Blogging is not just my hobby.  It has become a big part of my life, and it has also become a method for building up my portfolio and finding opportunities.

In order to blog, there are a number of 'tools' that I use.

1. Laptop
Obviously!  Of course, I could always blog on the go on my mobile phone in order to write quick posts but it's always better to blog on my laptop because it is easier.

2. Desk
It is so tempting to blog from the sofa or blog from my bed in my pajamas but I prefer to sit at a desk because it helps me to focus and sit upright (which is good for my posture.)

3. Internet
I use the internet to do my research for posts and articles, and to access my blog of course!

4. Phone
I use my phone to take photos, access my social media channels and add blog post ideas on the memo app.

5. Notebook (and pen)
Whenever I come up with ideas I write them down in my notebook, as well as creating to-do lists and writing out my daily planner.

6. Social media
Social media is useful for a variety of reasons.  I use Facebook because I am a member of a few blogging groups so I can view any potential opportunities for my blog.  I use Twitter to promote my blog and to get involved in blogger chats, and I use Pinterest to source ideas and inspiration.

7. External drive
It's so important for my to back up any files so I use a USB or Google Drive.

8. Free photo website
Sometimes I use Pixabay, a website where you can use free, high-quality images for your blog or website.  After all, a blog post is empty without a photo!

9. The right setting
Even though blogging is a hobby of mine I take it very seriously, and it's really easy to get distracted and lose focus so in order to blog effectively and productively I need to make sure that the setting is right.  I blog in my bedroom, in the local/university library or at a local cafe/coffee shop.

What blogging essentials do you have?

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