Monday, August 24, 2015

Do you want to treat yourself to some jewellery?

And get a discount off?

Of course you do!

Lolo & Galago is a UK-based brand which creates beautiful, contemporary and luxury jewellery collections and accessories.  Lolo & Galago's bold and bright pieces are specially designed and expertly hand-crafted for you to wear with your sophisticated outfits.

The jewellery items are quite popular and have been worn by many fashion bloggers and fashionistas - such as Tamara Kalinic, Sasha Wilkins, Victoria of In The Frow, Sandra Hagelstam, Julia Lundin, Becca Rose, Louise Roe and Lorna Lux - and featured in newspapers such as The Telegraph.

So I have a treat for you: if you order from Lolo & Galago you can get 15% off any purchase using discount code LGCHICHI15.

Go ahead, treat yourself!  Check out Lolo & Galago here!

*Code expires on the 17/09/2015.  This post is sponsored, however all opinions are my own! 

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