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How did you get started with blogging? Why did you start blogging?
I started writing for a magazine at university and I started writing for blogs and online magazines, so I decided to start my own blog in order to link my work and create an online portfolio, and I wanted to start writing my own posts.  I also started reading blogs - such as milkteef, Beautycrush, Tanya Burr, Daisy Butter, Lily Melrose, A Little Obsessed, Lily Pebbles, Dizzy Brunette, Kayleigh Couture, Amelia Liana, Tijan Serena, The Londoner, Liberty London Girl, Jazmine Rocks and Em Talks - and reading blogs inspired my to start my own blog.

What age did you begin?
Just after I turned 21.  I started my blog in November 2013.

What’s your education background?

I am currently studying for a joint-honours degree in Politics and Sociology.

Do you think it helps to get a degree in blogging?

I don't know where you can study for a degree in blogging, but it is not necessary.  I know that in the UK you can study a media degree in many higher education institutions, but that's not a prerequisite for starting a blog.

What blogging platform do you use?


Choosing the right blog name?

This was very hard for me because I couldn't think of a good name!  I kept on changing my blog name and I even considered changing it further down the line.  I knew that I didn't want to choose a boring or common blogging name but I wanted my blog to be titled something easy to remember and search for on Google.

My advice to anyone thinking of choosing the right blog name/URL is to make sure it's not common but unique.  Also make sure that your blog name/URL reflect what your blog is about.

I chose the name Chichi Writes because my blog is about the stuff I love to write about.

What elements help gain a following?

I'd say using social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram helps as people can connect with you and find out about your blog, and you can connect with other bloggers and get involved with Twitter chats using the hashtags #fbloggers, #fblchat, #bbloggers, #BDIB (Blogs Do It Best) and #lbloggers.  Every time I publish a blog post or an article I Tweet it to all my followers and I use hashtags for promotion, and I Tweet to blogging accounts such @lbloggerschat, @fashbeautylife, @blogsdoitbest, @blogprogramme and @fashionfademagazine.  Also, joining blogging networks such as the Next Blogger Network and The Blogger Programme helps you to get involved with brands and to publicize your blog a bit more.
Bloglovin is another way to gain followers and to get people to actively read and follow your blog.


I have found that I have really come to love blogging, and it is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy.  I love the flexibility of blogging as I can blog anywhere I want - in bed, on the sofa, at a local cafe, in the library, at a desk, etc.  Plus I like the element of control - I 100% own my blog and I take care of it, and I can pretty much write about what I want in my own space of the internet.
Also, I have found that having a blog could easily help me gain opportunities and it's something to add to my CV and LinkedIn profile, and I have been able to gain a lot of writing 'gigs' as a result of my blog.

Since I've become extremely committed to blogging (and writing for magazines and other blogs) my biggest challenge has been trying to balance blogging with being a full-time student at university.  As much as I love blogging and I love doing it in my spare time my degree has to come first so sometimes blogging has to take a back seat.  I've had to put my time management and organizational skills into full practice since I started my blog.  Also, I put a lot of effort into my posts and it takes me a lot of time to write one up.

When did you notice that blogging could be a career?
I am nowhere near that point yet!  I am not at the point where I could make a living out of being a full-time blogger and I don't know if I will ever be.  I noticed that blogging could be a career when I started reading other people's blogs.  Prior to this, I had absolutely no idea that this was even possible.  Having said that, I didn't start a blog to make money.  I started a blog because I felt inspired to do so.

What has blogging done for you?

Blogging has helped me to gain writing opportunities and it has helped me to build up my portfolio.

What equipment do you use for blogging?  Apps?

I use:
My laptop
The Internet
My phone camera
A notebook
My memo app

Top 3 tips for starting up a blog…

1. Blog because you are passionate, not for the freebies.  Most people who blog don't make money out of it and blogging should be your hobby first and foremost.  However, try to take on opportunities in relation to your blog if you want to.
2. Choose the right blog title/URL.  Make sure it reflects the nature of your blog.
3. Join blogging networks such as the Next Blogger Network and The Blogger Programme Network.

1 advice tip for running a blog

Be consistent and committed.  And enjoy it!  It's supposed to be a fun hobby!

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