Three months ago Em Ford of My Pale Skin blog decided to upload photos of herself with no makeup on social media, and she received so many nasty comments as a result of this.

So on the 1st July 2015 she decided to upload a video to show that social media can set unrealistic expectations of beauty (and how it can be so cruel!)

In addition to this, Em also received a lot of criticism when she posted pictures of herself wearing makeup, with some claiming that her look was 'misleading.'

This is my take on the #YOULOOKDISGUSTING campaign.

First of all, I admit I don't suffer from acne (and touch wood, I have never suffered with it) so I cannot relate 100%.

However, in the past I have been on the receiving end of nasty comments on my appearance (not on social media) and that's hurtful.  For someone who's always had issues with self-esteem that was always a big problem for me.

I think the problem with the media (in general, not just social media) is that there are far too high standards and ideals of beauty which are so unrealistic, and those ideals fuel the pressure on women to look a certain way and to have the perfect image and when someone doesn't have the 'perfect' image then they are unfairly subjected to scrutiny.  Judging someone on their appearance is one of the worst things you could ever do to a person in my opinion.  Nasty comments could destroy a person and can be mentally damaging.

We live in a society where our value as people and our worth are based on how we look, not our characters.  We are constantly bombarded by images of celebrities who seem to look flawless, but are criticized when they don't. takes a lot to challenge the notions of beauty when we are brainwashed into believing that that's all we should aspire to focus on.  But what makes us who we are are the people we are on the inside, not on the outside, and the #YOULOOKDISGUSTING campaign puts out that message.  Beauty is not objective or superficial.  It is not based and whether or not we wear makeup. It is not based on what we look like.  It is not based on what we 'should' look like in accordance with societal norms or the media.  It's not based on what a bunch of nasty idiots have to say on social media.

Ultimately, our beauty is based on who we are on the inside.

Beauty is unique.  We are all beautiful in our own way.

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