Sunday, June 21, 2015

Olivia Palermo's quote (sort of) sums up my life goals in a nutshell.
Over the past couple of years I have (slowly) started to recognise the things I truly want out of life.

I have a set of broad life goals that I would like to (realistically) achieve.

I want to travel.  I have been abroad numerous times in my life but now I know that I want to explore more of the world and see the beauty of it.  I want to see new places, taste new cuisines and delve deeper in the history, heritage and culture of other countries.

I want to have a high-flying lifestyle.  Yes, I want to have a lifestyle that includes shopping, eating out, travelling, going to events, networking, trying out hobbies, pursing interests, socializing and forming (and maintaining) old and new friendships.

And everything else that comes with having a lovely lifestyle!

Maybe I'd try to emulate a lifestyle to match Rosie Londoner's but as much as I would love to live like that, I doubt that's realistic!  I know that for a lifestyle like the one I want I have to work very hard for it, and I'd obviously need a certain amount of income.

Also, I am very career-oriented: I want a career that pays well and allows for progression.  I want to be 100% independent: I want to be in charge of my life, my lifestyle and my finances.

I don't think one 'needs' to be in a relationship, but I know that if I were to get into a relationship it would have to function on the basis of love.  Falling in love with the 'right' person is important - I'd hate to be with someone horrible who didn't respect me at all.  If I was in a relationship I want to be with someone who respected me, treated me right, and accepted me for who I am without expecting me to sacrifice who I am.  I'd rather be single or in a healthy, happy, stable, equal, loving, functional and respectful relationship.  I know my worth so I have high expectations for a relationship.

Last but not least, I love desserts!!  Give me (Marks & Spencer's) jam roly poly/apple pie/apple crumble with vanilla custard any day!


So delicious!

I may not have my life planned out.  Who does anyway?  But at least I have some idea of the things I want to achieve out of life and at least I know the kind of directions I would like my life to take.

I'll just live by Olivia Palermo's quote and take her advice!


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