Plans for the Summer 2015

After a couple of tumultuous months and a couple of very stressful weeks, I have finished all of my assignments and assessments, and I am done for the second year!  I can't believe how fast my time at university is going!  Even though I have had my ups and downs and I get stressed out sometimes, I am loving my time at university and I will be so sad when it ends!  I am expected to graduate next year in 2016 and I am not thinking about that right now.  I started university in 2012 yet it doesn't feel that long ago, yet before you know it, I will leaving so soon!  However I have some idea of what I want to do career-wise after I graduate and I have a massive desire to go into work and make money, but I am also considering travelling and completing a Masters degree.

Anyway, I have some plans for this summer.
I have so many things I want to do and even though I am glad to have the summer off and the chance to relax, I want to keep myself preoccupied.  The past couple of summers have not been great for me so I want this summer to be fantastic, not boring.

So I have created a list of summer plans for myself.

Blogging and writing articles
Blogging and writing are my hobbies that I enjoy but I take them seriously, and now that I have three months off before I go back to university in September, I have more than enough time focus on my blog, improve and make it better.

Start freelancing!
I don't want to wait until graduation before I start working.  I'd love to start working now!  Why wait? I want to start getting paid freelance writing work, and I'd love to freelance as a side job.  I used to work as a paid freelance writer and blogger when I was on my gap year and I loved it.  I think the summer will be the best time to start getting into freelancing again.

I need to (and want to) earn money.  One of the reasons why I wasn't happy last summer was because I struggled to get a job, and certain employers/companies I was interested in working with completely messed me about.  I want to get a job because I need money to pay for living costs and I need to survive somehow.

Sounds reasonable enough.

I also want to complete a work experience placement or an internship, so I was thinking: why don't I try to kill two birds with one stone?  Ideally, I'd like to complete a paid internship.  I believe I deserve to get the experience I need and get a wage at the same time.  I refuse to complete an unpaid internship because they are unethical and technically illegal, and I don't want to allow myself to be exploited.  Plus, I need to survive, I can't afford to work for free, I shouldn't have to work for free (why should I?!), and I am not willing to jeopardize my health in order to work an unpaid internship (i.e. working 9-5 in an internship then working extra hours in a paid job, in total working 12-hour days.)  I believe a lot of companies can afford to pay intern, but they choose not to because in this capitalist society many people are selfish and only care about lining their own pockets than giving people a chance.

Rant over.

The job hunt continues.

I want to read, read and read.  Not academic reading (though I have to start reading for my dissertation - enough already!)  I used to read novels out of habit so I want to get back into the habit if doing that.  I want to read loads and loads of blogs, magazine websites and books, and I have a massive stack of books and magazines ready to read!

For while I have been thinking about volunteering, and since the summer's is coming up I have more time to take on volunteering opportunities.  I am aware that volunteering could add an 'edge' to my CV that's good.  To be honest I'd like to do something to give back in some way, even if that means giving up my time for a few hours a week to work for free in a charity shop.

Having fun and socialising
I want to spend the summer having fun and socialising because I want to and I deserve it!  I work very hard so I need to be able to enjoy myself!  I don't have to chance to see my friends often so the summer is a great opportunity for my to do this.

Broadening my horizons
I would love to be able to travel but unfortunately I am unable to do this.  However, there are many other ways in which I can broaden my horizons and explore - e.g. visiting museums, visiting art galleries, days out, trips, viewing historical landmarks, discovering new places, etc.  I have always been open-minded so I love broadening my horizons.

Relaxing and chilling out
I'm planning on spending my summer relaxing and chilling out, because like I said previously, I am very hard-working and I deserve a break.  When I'm not blogging/writing/working/volunteering I plan to relax by watching TV and films, listing to music and the radio, taking naps and meditating.  My sleeping pattern is so messed up at the moment so I want to start going to bed earlier, waking up earlier and getting the amount of hours I require (I need between 7-10 hours of sleep a night.)

Long walks
I don't go to the gym but I love walking.  I have always walked - I walked to school growing up and in my university town I walk everywhere.  I love walking through parks and I am quite fortunate in the sense that I live near some lovely parks (in both my hometown and university town) and I live near hills (in both towns) so I have very little choice but to trek everywhere. I don't mind it though: walking is the only form of exercise I get at the moment (it is much cheaper than gym membership anyway!) and it calms me.  I find it quite relaxing and liberating at the same time.

Sometimes it's hard to take time out and just relax, but going for a long walk in the park certainly helps me!

All in all, I am hoping for a great summer, because I need to relax, have fun, chill out and just have time for myself to enjoy.  I know that once I graduate and enter the world of work I will not be able to have the opportunity for 3-month holidays, so I just want to make the most of my summer!


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