Lyla Loves Wishlist

I love jewellery and accessories, especially earrings - I have so many!
However I can't help but lust after jewellery and accessories.  I have so many earrings but I want to add other jewellery pieces to my growing collection.

I took a peek at Lyla Loves - a jewellery and accessories brand based in the UK - and I am really impressed by the items.  The items are not expensive but beautiful, so well within my budget, and I can purchase as many things as I want without having to reduce my bank balance significantly.  Shipping in the UK is free on orders over £15, so you have to spend loads of money in order to qualify for free shipping, which is great!  The brand also delivers products internationally.

The jewellery and accessory items are so pretty, which goes to show you don't need to spend so much to get the best pieces available.  I'd love to add to my jewellery/earring collection by adding bracelets and necklaces, and some rings too because I don't wear rings despite the fact that I paint my nails and take care of my hands.  I think it's about time I add a bit of glamour to them!

I also want some accessories.  I want some patterned scarves because sometime I like to accessorize my casual outfits with a thin and colourfully-patterned scarf.  I'd love a tote bag because I want to add a designer tote bag to my bag collection, and I'd love a croc-textured bag too.  At the moment I am in love with the temporary tattoo trend as well so I'd love to purchase a couple of packs.

So there you have it - my Lyla Loves jewellery and accessories wishlist!

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