Travel Wishlist In Pictures: The United Kingdom

I was born and raised in England - London to be precise.
I currently live in Leeds, and I have lived in other areas in the country - Middlesex and Nottingham.

I have also visited the following places: Brighton, Southend-On-Sea, Portsmouth, Leicester, Manchester, Bradford, Cantebury and Basildon (though I would like to visit Manchester again and explore it properly.)

A while ago I wrote a post on wanting to explore Yorkshire, but I also want to explore other parts of the United Kingdom.

This post is all about the top 10 places in the United Kingdom that I'd like to visit - in pictures.


1. Manchester

2. Edinburgh

3. Lincoln

4. Oxford

5. Cambridge
Look at the cute swans!

6. St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

7. Bath

8. Bristol

9. Birmingham

10. Dublin


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