The London Tag

I am a Londoner born and raised.  It has always been - and will always be - my home no matter where I am in the world, and even though the city is highly populated, very expensive and very busy, I still love it!  I love the variety of shop, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, parks, transport, and bars.  I love the sense of spontaneity - I like having the ability of being able to hop onto the next train/bus/Tube and going to the next place whenever I feel like it.  I like the idea of discovering hidden gems.  I like the fact that I never get bored of the city that doesn't sleep.

So here's my attempt at completing the London Tag.

Favourite place for breakfast?
I don't really have a favourite place to go to for breakfast but I hear Cafe Rouge and Bill's are both really good, and they both have a number of branches in London (and in the UK.)

Favourite Boots and Superdrug?
I love Superdrug and I always shop there but I don't have a specific Superdrug branch that I go to.  I prefer big Superdrug stores.  I like the branches in Croydon, Westfield (Shepherd's Bush/White City and Stratford), Streatham, Brixton and Oxford Street.

Favourite beauty hall?
Beauty Mart in Topshop (Oxford Street Branch), Selfridges in Oxford Street and House of Fraser in Croydon.

Favourite area for everything - eating out, shopping etc?
Central London - Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Oxford Street - and Westfields (White City and Stratford.)

Favourite park for walks?
Hyde Park, Green Park, St. James' Park, Streatham Park and The Rookery.

Tip for the Tube?
Have your ticket/Oyster card at the ready! And make sure you know exactly where you are going and how to get there - know the right line, branch, journey time etc.

What would your perfect day out in London include?
My perfect day out in London would be going out with my close group of friends.  We'd go out to eat at a restaurant, then do a bit of shopping, then go for a walk around the park.

Favourite gallery/museum?
The Museum of London and the Science Museum in South Kensington.


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