Body Butters Dupes

I tend to have really dry skin so I find that using body butters are the best for moisturizing my skin.

The Body Shop has an excellent range of body butters which are just so luxurious and I love using them.  The body butters leave my skin feeling soft, scented, smooth and moisturized.

However, as a student on a budget I find that The Body Shop is quite expensive, so luckily I have found a cheaper alternative that's just as good.

Superdrug also has a range of body butters.  Although the range isn't as diverse as The Body Shop's range, Superdrug's body butters work just as well and are much more affordable.

The butters are available in these 'flavours':

I've been using the Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Butter.  It has  very creamy and rich texture and a lovely sweet cocoa scent, and it feels so luxurious, soft and smooth on my skin.  The best thing is that like any body butter it lives up to its purpose and stops my skin from feeling dry, and it keeps my skin feeling smooth for longer than standard creams and lotions.


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