Primark £1 Nails

I am obsessed with doing my nails.  If you haven't read my post on my nail polish obsession then read here.  I love painting my nails and I can't leave my home with my nails bare.
However, I don't wear fake nails often.  Once in a while I will put on fake nails but I try not to wear them so often as I hear they can damage your real nails if you wear them all the time.  Before applying fake nails I use a base coat or a nail strengthener/hardener to protect and maintain the condition of my real nails.

I buy fake nails from Primark.  Each pack costs £1, so pretty cheap, and you can get a variety of designs!  When I started experimenting with fake nails I didn't want to buy an expensive set.  Over the past few months I have bought so many!  However you can get a great set of fake nails from Claire's Accessories too for a few quid extra.


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