Is Staying In The New Going Out?

I am not a party animal, but I love going out.  I'm not into the clubbing scene but I still go out on a lot of socials.  I absolutely love eating out.  I love going to museums.  I love going to bars, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.  I love shopping for the odd treat.

However, sometimes I like staying in.

As a busy full-time student on a budget, I can't always go out.  Sometimes I have to save my money.  Sometimes I have to prioritize and studies/work/assignments tend to be on top of my priority list.  Plus, I write for a number of blogs and magazines so I often have deadlines for articles and blog posts, so those are always pretty high on my priority list as well.

To be honest sometimes I just don't want to go out because I don't feel like it and I'd rather stay in, and according to My Voucher Codes more and more people are saving money by choosing to stay in and have fun nights in instead!

Usually when I stay in I make myself a nice meal, have a drink and watch a film/TV show or go on YouTube.  I like to chill out and relax so I might listen to music or have a chat with a friend.  I know that there are lots of great ways to have fun staying in with friends, such as ordering a takeaway and playing board games or watching a film.

So is staying in the new going out?
I say yes, I definitely think so!  I think its fun!  I think there should be a balance though, and that works for me.  I couldn't go out all the time, but I could not stay in all the time.  

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