I Believe In Feminism...

I think there a lot of misconceptions about feminism, and there is a belief among people that feminism is not needed or it is not something to believe in anymore.

Well, I don't believe that is true.

From a young age I have always believed in feminism, even before I learned of the term.  Since coming to university I have become a lot stronger in my beliefs, especially my views on feminism and I don't think that will ever change.

So, I believe in feminism because...

  • I am believe in the economic, political and social equality of the sexes.
  • I am against any form of oppression, sexualization, subordination, objectification and commodification of women.
  • I fully believe in female emancipation.
  • I believe in autonomy, agency and choice: I believe that all women should be able to have the choice and rights over their own lives and their own bodies.  I believe that women should be able to make decisions for themselves.
  • I deserve a voice.
  • I am against the constructions of gender and I am against traditional gender roles.  I don't believe that being a woman means you have to act or be a certain way, or do certain things.
  • I am pro-choice and I believe in reproductive rights.
  • I am against violence against women.
  • I am not a baby-breeding machine.
  • I am against rape and rape culture.
  • I am against patriarchal structures and institutions, and many women in the world continue to suffer as a result of the existence of these structures.
  • As a (Black) woman I have often felt marginalized by patriarchal societies.
  • I shouldn't have to suffer discrimination and prejudice on the basis of my gender.
  • I am not submissive and subordinate to a man, and I don't view myself as a second/third class citizen because I am a (Black) woman.
  • Last but not least, I am a not just a woman, I am human and I need feminism!

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