A while ago I wrote a blog post of my favourite blogs, and I have previously written a post on fashion blogs one should be reading.
As well as reading blogs in my spare time, I sometimes like to watch fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos ('vlogs') on YouTube.  I am subscribed to a lot of YouTubers but I have a few that I watch more than others, so here is a list of my favourite vloggers.

Sammi Maria is one of the very first vloggers I discovered over a couple of years ago.  Sammi - aka Beautycrush - is a beauty vlogger from London, and she often vlogs (and blogs) about the latest beauty products, beauty reviews and tips.

Her 'vlog' channel - The Sammi Maria Show - consists of lifestyle vlogs and what she's getting up to - eating out, attending blogger events, seeing friends, visiting fellow bloggers, going abroad and running errands.

Sammi has a beauty (and lifestyle) blog, which you can read here.

Amelia Liana is a beauty blogger and vlogger.  Her YouTube channel consists of beauty, fashion, fitness, cooking and lifestyle 'vleeks' where she vlogs about her life and her daily outings around London where she lives.

Amelia has a beauty blog known as Liana Beauty - which is fantastic by the way!

Em Sheldon is known for her fashion, beauty, style lifestyle and travel blog EmTalks, but now she's trying out YouTube as well, where she does some amazing beauty and fashion hauls and 'get ready with me' videos.
Her YouTube channel EmShelx can be found here.

Tijan Serena is a friend of Amelia Liana and on her YouTube channel she chats about all things beauty -  including skincare, hair care, makeup and nails - and sometimes fashion and lifestyle too.
Tijan's beauty blog - a daily dose of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and culture - can be found here.

Lily Melrose has been in the world of blogging for a few years (since 2009) and is a famous and prominent blogger - read her style and fashion blog LLYMLRS.  She has been on YouTube since 2012 and she often vlogs about her fashion hauls, OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day) favourite beauty products and her beauty regime.

Check out her YouTube channel.

Check out these YouTube channels as well:

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