Exploring Yorkshire

Monday, February 02, 2015

Currently I am a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Leeds.  However, since I moved to Leeds in 2012 I have not really explored it.  I tend to go around the usual areas -  the City Centre, Hyde Park, Headingley - but I have not really had the chance to venture out.  My full-time degree and extra-curricular activities take up most of my time to the point where I never really have the time to explore.
I think I am a "closeted wanderluster".  I want to explore the world I have always had a desire to be a free spirit, and to live the life of a regular traveller with a high-flying lifestyle like The Londoner or The Style Traveller.  I'd love to see new places, explore and travel but I don't get to do it often. At the moment I am not in a privileged position where I can hop on a train or plane and go anywhere I want, so I hardly ever travel. 

Nevertheless, I want to explore Yorkshire, and experience it in all its glory and beauty.  I want to visit the cities, the towns and the countryside.

I want to visit (in no particular order):
Ilkley and Ilkley Moor
Yorkshire Dales
North York Moors
Castle Howard
Roundhay Park
Yorkshire Sculpture

I may not be able to explore all of these area within the next eighteen months (I expect to graduate in June/July 2016,) but that does not mean I will rule out my goal.  I have my whole life ahead of me so I have plenty of time to explore Yorkshire, and other places in the UK!

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  1. I want to explore Yorkshire more as well including quite a few places on your list. I'm an undergrad at Sheffield but I only started in September so I've got some time! Definitely come to Sheffield and visit the Peak District whilst you're here :)

    Ayaan - girl lost in transit



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