I absolutely love eating out with a group of friends, and I love discovering new restaurants!
A while ago I went to the Cabana Brasilian Barbecue restaurant.  I went with the ladies from the magazine I write for at university, and the manager of the restaurant was kind enough to invite us to the launch.

Cabana Brasil is a Brasilian BBQ restaurant.  It's based in London - Covent Garden, Islington, The O2, Wembley, Westfield London and Westfield Stratford - and Leeds (Trinity centre), and the manager is looking to open up new branches elsewhere in the UK.

I'd never been to a Brasilian BBQ restaurant before but the food was amazing.  The menu consists of spicy prawns, beef, chicken, pulled pork, cassava chips, lamb, spicy sauces, desert and drinks.

Starters include spicy Malagueta prawns, pulled pork sliders, spicy Malagueta wings, chicken Coxinhas, cassava chips, cheesy baked dough balls and crispy cheese pockets.

Main courses include beef skewers, chicken skewers, pork skewers, lamb skewers and burgers - such as the spicy Malagueta chicken burger, Picanha beef burger and the veggie burger Vegoada.
Image: Commons Wikimedia
Sides include sweet potato fries, Feijoada fries, Rio beans and baby gem salad.

To finish off, deserts include frozen yogurt, sundaes, cakes and treats.

All in all, I enjoyed visiting Cabana for the first time and trying out the food, so I cannot wait to go again!

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