Confessions Of A Nail Polish Addict

I have a confession.
I am a nail polish addict.
I own so many nail polishes.  Too many.  I have lost count but I think I have 50/60/70 nail polishes - and counting! - which is a heck of a lot!

I really can't help my 'addiction' - I absolutely love nail polishes and I love painting my nails. My nail polish addiction started in 6th form. Before then, I couldn't wear nail polish because my school would never allow it.  I'd paint my nails once I while, and I even had my nails painted as a toddler!  Nowadays, I can't go without painting my nails anymore.  Having said that, I am not a hoarder: I don't buy nail polish for the sake of buying and keeping without using them, and I am in control of my spending - I wouldn't make unnecessary purchases on nail polishes and I can easily be really picky and self-disciplined, which is how I am when I go shopping anyway.

Nevertheless, I absolutely love nail polishes! I love all the colours and brands I own, and I love having choices: I love being able to have the option to pick nail colours, shades, textures and brands in accordance with occasions and moods, which sounds kind of weird.

I paint and file my nails regularly (almost every day) using a 4-way buffer and this keeps my nails in good condition.  I also base and top coats when applying nail paint, and I use hand cream to maintain the condition of my hands and nails.

My favourite nail polish brands are Rimmel London and Barry M.  I also own nail polishes by other brands: Models Own, Primark, OPI, Marks & Spencer, 2 True, Claire's and Topshop.  I want to try out nail polishes by Ciate, Models Inc, Nars and H&M.

I tend to wear a lot of purple, red, pink, blue, glitter and pastel colours.  I tend to wear darker shades in the winter and bright pastel colours in the summer.  My favourite colour is purple so I tend to wear that (dark or light shades) on my nails most of the time.

My favourite nail polishes are:
Barry M Promenade - similar shade here
Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Pink Mix - similar shade here
Rimmel London Purple Addict - similar shade here
Rimmel London Heart On Fire - similar shade here

I have a lot of favourites!



  1. I thought I have a lot! Turns out my addiction is much much worse! I stopped counting at 250 nail polishes :D