Barry M Matte Nail Paint Top Coat

Over the past few months matte nails have been one of the biggest beauty trends - most notably during the AW14 season - so I recently purchased the Barry M Matte Nail Paint Top Coat for £2.99.
You apply your base coat first, then you apply the Barry M Matte Nail Paint Top Coat to create the desired matte effect.  It's so good and I absolutely love it! It gives off the right matte texture and look for my nails.
Alternatively you can purchase matte nail polishes from the Barry M Matte Nail Paint Collection, priced at £3.99 each, in these colours:

Nude Vanilla - nude
Black Espresso - black
Brown Mocha - brown
Burgundy Crush - dark red
Light Brown Caramel - light brown


  1. I have never tried a matte color on my nails because I'm not sure how it will look but I recently bought my first matte lipstick so I'm thinking it couldn't hurt to try but getting this product would make it easier because then I could just make a color that I already have matte

    1. In my opinion I would recommend it! :)