A New Year...

Happy New Year!
The next 18 months will be crucial for me.

In fact right now is a crucial time for me.  I have essays to do and exams to revise for, and considering I want to achieve a 2:1, things are too much for me right now.  I have felt so stressed out in the past few weeks and I have struggled to focus.  At times I have lost completely lost motivation and I have felt hopeless, confused, lost and lacking in confidence.

Anyway, I have a lot of decisions to make this year.  In September I will be going into my final year of university.  I will have a lot of decisions to make.

I have some idea of what I want to do as a career - magazine journalism/public relations/advertising/media law/a job related to media - but I want to be prepared for putting in applications, interviews and trying to make sure that I have a job (any job!) lined up for graduation, but the job market is so difficult.  I want to keep on gaining experience, and I want to make some more connections.  Alternatively, I am considering taking professional qualifications or a Masters degree in my chosen field(s), but I am not sure yet.

Also, I need to figure out where I want to live. Do I want to go back to London? Do I want to stay in Leeds? Do I want to stay in the North of England, or do I want to move back to the South-East?

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I guess I have a lot to think about, but ultimately I want to enter a new chapter/phase in my life.  That is my goal.

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