Why A Gap Year Is A Good Idea

Despite some misconceptions that some people have about gap years, having a gap year before you go to university isn't such a bad idea after all. It can help you to prepare for university and help you to discover the world and develop you as a person. 
Some believe that gap years are “a waste of time”, “only for those who want to party around the world” and can “discourage a person from wanting to go to university”. Well, these misconceptions are just that: misconceptions and total myths.

Taking a gap year before you to to university can have its advantages:
  • You can go into employment, so you could earn some money to save up for university maintenance or even a holiday before you start university. There are some companies, such as Deloittes, that offer work placement schemes.
  • You can go travelling around the world – this is usually the most valuable experience of a lifetime and it can look very good on your CV. You can learn
  • Retakes – okay, this might sound boring especially if you want to be out of education for a while, but retaking modules could help push up your grades/points for the course you want to study and the universities you want to apply to, especially if you are reapplying to universities in your gap year.
  • Volunteering – you can volunteer for charities, companies museums. Donating your time can help contribute. Also, volunteering can help to enhance your CV and UCAS statement.
  • Internships and work experience – doing lots of internships and work experience can help you to gain insight into careers and can help to enhance your CV.
I took a year out before going to university.  After having a horrible time during A Levels and struggling to get into university I needed a bit of a break from education and I needed to relax.  I think school is like a little bubble and it can be hard to see beyond it and explore your own interests.  After I finished sixth form I was suffering with distress and burnout, and I needed to re-evaluate my life, so I decided to take a gap year.  I worked in part-time and freelance jobs, and I did some work experience placements.  In addition to this I reapplied for university, and I applied to completely different universities for a foundation year course.

I am now so grateful that I didn't rush into university and I had some time out and I have absolutely no regrets.  For myself, a gap year was a huge benefit, and I was able to focus and concentrate on my studies when I moved away to university.  If you make the most of your gap year, then it could turn out to be the best year of your life.

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  1. Personally, I have no desire to go on a gap year as I don't think I'd appreciate travelling at this point in my life and I get work experience as part of my university course, which I've already got an offer for! Where I live, I feel like it's more weird for people to not want a gap year rather than to want one! I feel a bit like the odd one out aha
    Megan x meguana.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I totally understand. I think it's definitely a personal decision. What one person wants may be different from someone else. Not everyone takes a gap year and that's fine. I'm just so glad I had a year out before my degree - even though it was unexpected - because I had some time of from my education and I was able to work, get some work experience and figure out what I wanted (and didn't want) to do.