Celeb Nude Hacking Scandal

Over the past few weeks a scandal involving a number of celebrities and private photographs has taken precedence in the media. A group of hackers managed to hack into into Apple's iCloud service and released private photos of many celebrities. Most of these photos are of female celebrities and are nude. The photos were published on the imageboard website 4chan, which in turn were posted onto other social media websites such as Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter, as well as other websites such as Google, YouTube and various blogs.

The scandal - dubbed “The Fappening” and “Celebgate” - has caused a media frenzy and a lot of controversy. Apple has been criticized for its vulnerability of its iCloud service, although Apple has confirmed that the attack was a “very targeted attack” on account information as opposed to iCloud's 'vulnerability' to easy access. However, according to technology experts, the hacking could have been prevented through the use of two-step authentication, a tactic used by the likes of Google and Hotmail in order to verify the authenticity of the user and to prevent hacking. Perhaps if Apple has applied this tactic then maybe this scandal would not have happened in the first place.

The scandal has also brought up the issue of privacy. The scandal is a massive violation of privacy. What one gets up to in the privacy in their own homes should never be exposed publicly, whether you are a celebrity or not. However on the other hand, the celebrities involved should never have taken nude pictures on their devices in the first place. As a celebrity you are always going to be subjected to scrutiny and people are always going to target you. Celebrities are bound to be subjected to all sorts. Leaked content in the celebrity world is nothing new - e.g. Kim Kardashian's sex tape, Kate Moss' pictured on the front cover of a red-top newspaper 'allegedly' snorting cocaine, an audio of Christian Bale's aggressive rant on a film set. However, no one deserves to have their private and sensitive information and content exposed in the public domain, and this scandal brings up many legal and human rights issues – e.g. the violation of privacy as previously mentioned.

The scandal has also brought up the issue of authenticity. Some celebrities such as Ariana Grande has denied the photos, however there has been confirmation on the authenticity of the nude pictures of other celebrities such as:
Jennifer Lawrence
Kate Upton
Kim Kardashian
Vanessa Hudgens
Victoria Justice
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Jessica Brown Findlay
Kirsten Dunst
Kaley Cuoco
Cara Delevingne
Gabrielle Union
Cat Deeley

The leak has also been described as sexist as only nude pictures of female celebrities have been published and distributed online. There is a high chance that male celebrities took nude pictures as well but only female pictures have been widely distributed online. Living in a sexist and patriarchal society means that women will always be in the line of fire and unfortunately “The Fappening” is a perfect example of this, and an example of the double standard that exists within society.

Overall, this could have been (and should have been) prevented. The leak should never have happened in the first place, and it is a major violation of privacy. Regardless of the nature of being in the spotlight, I don't think the celebrities deserve any of this. Yes, they took the nude photographs – and some argue that this wasn't a good idea - but scandal was not of their own doing. This was not the typical case of a leaked sex tape after all. This situation was out of the hands of the celebrities and into the hands of the hackers. No one could have imagined that this scandal was about to take place except for the hackers.

Hopefully there will be some justice at the end of this situation, as difficult as it may be. Some of the celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice, are currently seeking legal action, but for now “The Fappening”/”Celebgate” is ongoing.

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