How to deal with peeling nails

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Peeling nails is an issue that I have suffered from previously - particularly during the winter.  It seems to be a common problem, but I have discovered ways to deal with this.
Here are some hints and tips on how to deal with peeling nails:
  • Don't constantly immerse your nails in water.  Try to apply nail cream after your hands come into contact with water, and gloves when washing up the dishes.

  • Don't use your nails to open items, such as cans or CD covers.  Try to use your fingers instead. 
  • Avoid using acrylic nails on a regular basis as these can damage your real nails.  Try to give yourself a break from wearing these all the time.
  • During the winter months your nails may require more moisture, so always make sure you have a hand and nail moisturizer.
  • Diet is very important for nail care.  Drink lots of water and drink lots of milk for calcium.  Getting enough iron, zinc, and protein is important to help aid nail care, strength and growth.
  • Use a hand/nail cream, preferably one with aloe vera.  Some really good hand creams to buy include:

Hopefully these hints and tips will help to prevent nails from peeling, and help to strengthen nails instead.

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